27 July, 2020


I took a late afternoon/early evening trip to Exminster-Powderham, sacrificing the chance of dragons for less heat, a better sun angle, and fewer bods. Met a few birders anyway [I need to stop thinking alike...] and exchanged socially distanced gen.

Everything very green and overgrown, with height required to see anything at all on the deck, and even then, perhaps as much as 90% of water fringes were hidden.

So, a challenge. Bu I had a flask and an eccles cake, so I wasn't going anywhere in a hurry! :D

Scenery, then some nice blobs for you...

Curious heifer



Very green

 Never mind spot the birds...
Spot the water!

Blob 1, Wood Sandpiper

Blob 1 plus Blob 2,
[back right] Common Sandpiper
[[note white 'notch' standing out]]

Blob 3, Little Ringed Plover

Blob 4, Marsh Harrier
[note yellowy cream crown and chin and clean brown plumage]

All [where possible to tell] juveniles. All very elusive [also present were 2 Green Sands and an s/pl Blackwit, but I got 0 photos] with the dead ground, aside from when the ComSand went to sleep in full view, and the heat haze didn't help either, but what can you do?

Photo something more obliging, of course;

Grey Dagger

Why can't I find moffs like this at home??


[You can thank me now for no into the sun shots of things on Exminster itself, btw]

Be Seeing You...

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