13 July, 2020

More Moffs


Swallowtail Moth!

Yes, it's a 'common one', but not here. Also sooooo pretty.  :)

Riband Wave

First of the year and it's a cracker.

Great Oak Beauty

Buff Ermine

Oegoconia quardripuncta

Epagoge grotiana

Chrysoteuchia culmella

Snout sp.??
[marked more like an Old Lady]

Small Dusty Wave

Large Yellow Underwing

Pediasia fascelinella
[I think]


A third

I think these three are all the same sp., and P. fascelinella seems to fit best, though it's supposed to be 'rare', so ??

Chrysoteuchia culmella

Lots of these this year.

Dark Marbled Carpet

[Why? It's yellow and eats berry bushes...]

having a conflab with the Spinach!

Riband Wave
f. remutata

Foxglove Pug

Catoptria falsella

Teleopsis difinis

Possibly a Crambid missing its labial palps?

Tortrix sp.

So many Dwarf Cream Wave

Lots of moffs. And more will be coming later...
[But I've got to stop adding and start posting at some point!]

Be Seeing You...

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