17 July, 2020

Little Darlings

I really like these ones. They're cute, surprisingly feisty, and - unlike most of their relatives - reasonably easy to photo. [Gasp]
Getting on with it...

This is another typical sunny July day trip; off in search of Southern Damselfly. Southerns are one of those nice ones which are ridiculously easy once you know exactly where to look [like Small Red Eyes and Small Red].

So, at my pet spot, after a few Keeled Skimmers....

Southern Damselfly

Another one

Another two!

"Yeah, this is definitely better"

Why aren't they Azures? Well, from the eye spots and eye bar, to pronotum shape, to Apollo sign, to spearheads to Crown Paint splash.. They aren't.
Females are famously ID'd by 'being with males', but I like to think the thistle sign and all-dark abdomen behind it - bar three thin blue bands at the end - are quite good indicators..? Assuming you can't see the pronotum shape {most likely because a male has her by the neck!} [Ahem]

Keeled Skimmer

Well, I did mention them.

Prime habitat.

With pleasing success in the bag early on, I headed off to find a Tor to climb for purposes of lunch and seeing what might fly past.

Things escalated somewhat...

But that's a tale for another post.

Be Seeing You...

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