16 October, 2021

Normal Service Resumes

Sunday saw me back to the Nose, with more typical service [I have already mentioned this]. I also got over on Monday afternoon - after hordes of sexy things arrived elsewhere, I couldn't resist a quick check - and, well, observe and so on...


Second accipiter in a row [this was the first raptor of the day, you see... :D ]


Nice bit of moult, there.

Count the Oyks

Not the standard view of a
Parasol Mushroom

You flush my Oyks,
I use you for scale
vs Devonian slates and tuffs!


These being the highlights. Birds? Er... Not much. Still a trickle of standard passerine spp. passing over, still mostly alba Wagtails and Mipits but nothing even interesting, let alone fancy with them.

Sunday saw 22 Oyks on site, and an increase in BHG numbers - with a Common Gull - meandering past southwards. 11 Chiffs and a Blackcap in the bushes.
Monday? 3 Chiffs, no Blackcaps. Enough said, really.

When I got home on Sunday, I got another surprise;

Another Sprawk

Which is perhaps the best place to end.
Keeping on keeping on and all that.

Be Seeing You...

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