17 October, 2021

Yes. Again.

In my defence, just look at this thing!

Angle Shades!

A very common moth, but oh what a beauty! Photo does no justice to the wonderful three-dimensionality of its camouflage.

Small Blood-vein

Still don't know
what these are,
but a few about. 

Maple Pug

I don't know what this is, either...

It looks like a Tussock, though it's forelegs should be much hairier and held out forwards if it was. More specifically, a Dark Tussock [note yellow marks], but those are a bit out of flight season and a lot out of range..??

Worn carpet sp.

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Still going.

Worn wotsit
that might be Buttoned Snout

Garden Carpet

Beautiful Plume

Enough moffs for this year.


Be Seeing You...

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