05 October, 2021

Wait... Whaaaaat?!?!???

It rained. A lot.

The front arrived too late in the night [well, morning] to give a really good chance of scoring at the Nose, and I had Something To Do.

You see, dear readers, I am mobile again!
Yup, new car. All shiny.     For about 5 minutes [why is rain so dirty??].
Also, I am back in the 'test the shoulders' phase of alleged hopeful recovery, which means Big Scope, but carried in rucksack and only in short bursts.*

So I went swanning off, weather and sense be damned.

Where to?


Hold on... That's not the Nose.?!?

Can you remember the last time I was here? With mobility and especially viral issues, it's actually my first time since... 1/1/20.



Exminster, Matford, Dart's Farm, all yes, but not Bowling Green.

It's terrible. [He calls himself a birder...]

In a further shock move, I even had the hide to myself. On a Saturday.  Shock.

Ok, tide was out and so on, but still!

Most interesting sight an amazing 73 Pintail, mostly moulting out of eclipse, which dropped in as I was there [vainly dreaming the Pec Sand was still on site and waiting for me...].

"Moulllllting in the rain,
just mouuuuulting in the rain"
One came close, at least.


Visible waders were 18+ Lapwing, 4+ Blackwit and a Snipe [spot the Snipe]. Other ducks included at least 9 Shoveler, 3 Tufty, 20 Wigeon, and a LOT of Teal [no, I didn't count them..]. Also of note, 4 Little Grebe and a handful of hirundines hawking over the water.

"No, no pictures,
I'm still in eclipse.."

Next Time, on Backward Birding;

What else do I do with a Big Scope...?

Oh yeah-   🌊😃

Be Seeing You...

[[* I reserve all rights if something {else} Mega shows up, of course! ]]

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