04 April, 2024

Hare Time. Pt.4, Also Overdue

The wind blew, so did the rain, and I got myself to the Nose for a proper seawatch at laaaast!

Love a good Sarnie

The weather was a bit variable, and the passage was, too. Behold a few scenery shots, in chronological order;

Weather shifting from blasting hail to blazing sun, mostly sideways light rain. Interesting times! :)

Now the obligatory horrid gull shot;

Gull comparison, 
2cy Common and 3cy Herring

One of these birds is
not like the others


Numbers! Actual numbers from a seawatch! Woo!


So, yes;

Glonk Corner. 5hrs
All S or S/N unless stated.

Sooty!                                                               1     [1053]
Balearic                                                            1     [1118]
Manx                                                               176
Bonxie                                                              1     [1204]
Sandwich Tern                                                 1     [1437]
Gannet                                                             247
Kittiwake                                                        117
Fulmar                                                            100
Puffin                                                                2    [1115, 1537]
Razorbill                                                           8
Guillemot                                                         15
LBB                                                                  4
Common Gull                                                  18

Probably should have cut it shorter, [most passage in the first two hours] and definitely would have been nice to get there earlier {ahem} but that Sarnie [in blazing sunshine and almost no passage] lured me into giving it 'just one more hour', and then the second Puffin [much closer than the first] eventually turned up!

Also 2 GND, 1 GCG, 11+ Guillemot, 1 Grey Seal on the sea, 19+ Common Gull on the slick, 1 Wheatear, 1 Turnstone, 6 Oyk in the Quarry.

After being cautious over the whole 'recovering from plague' issue, it was great to be out, huddled from the rain and cursing the scope-shaking wind.... Seawatching!  :D

Right, when can we do this again?

Be Seeing You...

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