18 April, 2024

Spring Thing. Pt.2, Pesky Waders

Another day, another too late start, but the promise of spring-plumage Wood Sandpipers got me off out down southwest.

Oh look.

It was a bit overcast and a lot windy by the time I got there - kudos again to The Teacher - and the birds got a lot more elusive than previously [see his twitter], but eventually, 3 Wood Sand, 1 Ruff, 1 Dunlin, and 5 Cattle Egret were visible [with aid of some height]. At least 4 Teal were about the Marsh, but no Garganey that I could find.

Bad pics [I blame the wind];

Shelduck, Dunlin, Wood Sand, Ruff

Cattle Egrets

With all the wind, and now the threat of rain, I decided to give the sea a go.

In 30 mins, 3 RT Divers [all together], 2 Cormorant, and 19 Gannets went by North.
Yes, counting Cormorants.

I took a meandering route home, but despite getting back into blazing sunshine [it was only horrid over there.. natch] I was unable to find anything noteworthy. Ah well, you tries, you does.

Those Wood Sands, though [spring ones are rather fancy]. [[And getting Ruff at last... Ahem]

Be Seeing You...

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