12 June, 2024

Kids! v2

My feeders are getting hit at a greater rate than any time in the last winter, [though it wasn't eaxctly a cold one, here] which is perhaps a mixed blessing?

Pics ensue;

"Right. I know how to do this.
Peck the brown bits, don't hit the shiny bits.

Only seen the one juv Coal Tit so far, independent.

Two, maybe three very
grey-looking juv Blue Tits

Getting more

At least one younger brood of Blues on the wing,

Yellow tinge to plumage
and yellow gape.

"And this comes out of the square

Being fed from feeders, hard to tell how many as the juvs stay in cover a lot.
Speaking of,

Blackbirds gathering mealworms and suet,
presumably feeding older chicks, are hitting
my feeders almost constantly.

You'd hope they'd be getting insects and molluscs, though maybe this is a sign of their success? [I have three different pairs coming in]
The / a juv Blackbird still coming in and learning to clingon to the fat block - though usually falling off quickly - and a second brood of at least 3 Greenfinch in noisily a couple of times, though far too twitchy to get a photo so far.

Two freshly-fledged Blackbirds in with Dad this morning, one learning very quickly to go at the fat block feeder, the other contented to pester the male.!

The weather has become dry, with cold nights, and those don't add up to many inverts, I suspect. Certainly moth numbers right down from even the recent awful levels.

We shall see.

And at least I know the birds have somewhere to get the first feed of the day safe from cats.

Anyways, update[s?] on my nonsense will come along.

Until then I shall

Be Seeing You...

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