Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ok, Who Broke The Thermostat?

It's just too hot.....

After a day of getting things done and cowering in the shade, today was a day of getting out for the Traditional Fathers' Day Nicpic... and cowering in the shade!

Well, the dappled shade of a lovely Sweet Chestnut;


We had a very nice time, if a bi- ok, a lot hot. The heat made the butterflies about - at least 2 flavours of Frits, most notably - supercharged, with a resulting total failure to even nail said frits to sp., let alone photo! Fortunately, the odd bird was less speedy;

We were serenaded by Yellowhammer

And Raven!

Where exactly did we go? Here;

View from Here

You know, near where there are these gorgeous things;

Gorgeous Devonian palaeoripples!!


Be Seeing You..

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