05 June, 2017

A Seawatch! Also More Planes.

Sunday saw some actual almost proper weather when I could get at it at last at last at last......

Unlike today, when definite proper weather turns up on a work day. Booo hiss etc. etc.

Anyways, I toddled down to the Nose and had a look to see what I could see.

And less than three hours later I gave up due to sunshine and imminent jets.

This is not to say the weather was universally sunny, just that it had noticed me and was feeling capricious;

East Devon having all the fun..

I don't know what deal the organisers of the air show did with the Dark Powers to arrange the weather so neatly, but it certainly worked.

In the meanwhile, however, I actually saw some birds! Woo! A Balearic and 126 Manx went south, as did 8 Common Scoter [one of which was very big!], my first non-Sarnie tern of the year went north, as did a white-winged gull which was probably a Med but might have been one of those nasty BHGs [not a great view, tbh]. Gannets, Kitts and Fulmars were moving, with an interesting Fulmar in a very tatty state, with a dark rear end but alas tail matched coverts.. [Keep checking..]

Closer to, the Ore Stone colony is in full swing, with Razorbills again in the Cave Of Doom - adult seen heading in with bill full of Sand Eels!

Yes, that blob IS a Razorbill...

On shore, birds included juvie Rockits and Ravens.

"Did someone say flapjack??"

"Feeeeeeeed meeeee!"

Not just birds on land, either;

Yes, you are gorgeous.

Ok, time for the noisy stuff!

Yes, second day of low-flying shenanigans, and just to show you it wasn't all Arrows and Typhoon, here's something different!!!

[Designed to combine pilot training and suppressing the people in one handy package]

Not only, but also;

The Tigers on their way in

Ok, enough of that, here's what you wanted;

Can't get enough of them!

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper show without some serious waaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Straight and level?


Nae chance..

Again, not so much Exit, Stage left-, as Exit through the Gods, pursuing Bear..  :D

Ok, that'll do.

Be Seeing You..

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