28 June, 2017

Getting Around. Part Two; Inevitable Seawatching

Because it's not a hollyday without some.

The weather hadn't read the script, but that was a detail. A chink of light - well, more or less the opposite but that's the metaphor, isn't it? - was a front of sorts on Saturday, and the possibility of gunky weather...

So I was up and considering a little of the usual. Well, until I looked out the window and saw that it dawned far too bright and indeed then got brighter, but a wind was blowing. And yet, 30+ jet skis loomed into prospect at the Nose..

Default setting; I went to Prawle.

This was a very good call, as I found I'd been beaten to it by not only decent wind, but mistyfog!!

Where it came from I do not know, but it stayed until late afternoon. By that time, a shedload of shears had gone by, ranges varying with the vis; a few hundred metres to nigh on a mile!

Hit it;

Blobs Manxies!

 Lots of blobs Manxies

Not just blobs Manxies!
Not just flying!
"Hey, this photo isn't half bad"
"You're right, it's all bad!" 

 I wasn't really expecting much at all. But the Manxies kept coming - more than 1400 in 5 1/2 hours isn't epic but considering the forecast, not bad at all - and they weren't alone. Nothing else in any serious numbers, and the good ones were naturally camera-proof. Indeed, the autofocus struck again when a gloriously spooned light morph Pom came through very close - naked eye close! - and the accursed thing refused to lock on or even fire until the bird was out of shot.   Aaaaaaaargh....

I do technically have a picture of an adult Med Gull, but can You see it?

White squiggle....

Yachts were easier - or at least, slow enough to get the verdammt thing to work eventually - here's the prettiest;

Gold italic writing on a cream hull = no name

Here's a final couple of 'fun' ones;

How many fluffballs on legs can you see?

I wandered over to Gull Island to count the ickle baby Herrings*.

Just look at that wonder....

You can't help but wonder at the rocks of the Start Group - green molasses! :D

Oh yeah, and the flowers and the sea and whatnot.

Be Seeing You..

[[*I got 41]]

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