20 June, 2017


In more detail and with less.. 'Arrgh I've been out in the sun all day..'

So, the basics being that this was my first chance to go after a Lovely Lifer, all nailed down and so on. I've got this week off work - as usual it being Midsummer - so it seemed like a plan. Yes, the tern was mobile, but I'd have all day and even if it swanned off fishin' for an hour or six, I'd get it in the end..

Ok, I hadn't counted on the weather, but these things you beast through.

The traffic was.. unfortunate. Most notably, a poor lorry full of scrap metal tried a bend too fast and went over.. I hope the driver was ok, but the hold-up wasn't fun. Lots of little things added up and.. Oh well.

As it happens, being there at first light would have only given me a 50/50 on it - it shot off so fast - and as for the not coming back; hey, what can you do?

Dips suck. They don't make the ticks feel better, though they do add a touch of vengeanceismineyoubugger - see the Great Revenge At The Warren, for example - when you get them in the end. Of course, the next Elegant Tern might be in 20 years...

Ok, not all bad, as Pagham Harbour has it's pluses; Little Terns! Commons and Sarnies! Med Gulls!

Watching a Little Tern fish in a channel maybe 30m from you is worth the trip.. Med Gulls, stonking s/pl adults, flying right over calling [gulls that sound nice...horror!].. All the fun of a tern colony.. ok with hordes of Block 'eads, but also resident [and advertised and protected] neighbours  :D

I took the odd picture, some even worked out;

Pagham Harbour
Tern Island is out there...

Time for a close-up;

The Elegant used to be 'right of the sign and left of the conservatory'

Enough landscape, here be a few locals;

Mediterranean Gull

Tern ID Class

Right then, time for action!

First, the hover.
Somewhere between Kestrel and Hummingbird

Fish spotted, tip over..

And roll into an inverted dive, like a tiny Gannet!

Did I mention how much Little Terns rock??


Not giving up until far too late did have the odd benefit. One being missing most of the roads full of fools that had vexed my trip out [[Oi, no ranting]]

The second being neatly in time to take a minor detour to my pet spot for these wonderful things;


This was shot from the hip..

I'd taken the camera out as I thought 'Hey, why not?' After all, as I wasn't using a flash, it wouldn't do any harm except eating memory with bits of black..
The birds were on good form; a cracking male had come for a look-see before I'd even shut the car door! In all, at least 6 churrers, multiple males in flight, with a couple of females seen, too. Brilliant!

The lack of wind equalled hordes of midgies, but that's what SSS is for :) [yup, malice of forethought, people ;) ].

Time for a quick bit of pretty scenery;

I like my spot

Right then, there is a little more postage to come about other things, but this'll do for mow.

Be Seeing You..

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