01 June, 2017

Summer Is Surely Here (Oh Dear)

Short and possibly sweet one.

As I was a' watering a Garden this afternoon [not mine, far too green and pondilicious], I was surrounded by damselflies. I've seen very few odonata this year, for various reasons, so this was a special treat. They were only Azures and Large Reds, but still lovely. Even better, the odd one even posed. Ah, but if I'd had my camera with me!

Fortunately, [for me, if not your eyes], I had my trusty phone, and yes, the little darlings even sat for that! Shock!

[These don't blow up, btw - be grateful...]

Teneral Azure
[and an adult on the left which I didn't notice until now!]

Large Red

And another

On the Home front, the Greenfinches are hammering the sunflower seeds with a passion, and Coal, Blue, and Great Tits continue to visit frequently. The Robin still takes the worms the Magpies miss, and the pigs [assorted] are their usual pervasively messy selves..

I try to look at the Swifts instead.

And no, still nothing starting with R or B - Buzzard aside - overhead.. Tut.

Be Seeing You..

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