Saturday, 3 June 2017


I think the pics will tell it all [though that won't stop me from putting in the odd comment...]

Look, up in the sky...

Insert bad smoking pun here

..and worse vaping pun here

"Arrows to photographer. Nice scenery, but you can do better than that"

"We'll come back.."

"..and go around again."

"That's better."

Oh hellz yeah... They came right over the top, more than once. :D
Sometimes, too close for my poor camera to take;

This is uncropped.
I need a wider angle lens....

More Hawk porn;

Solo synchronised swi flying

Wait... Purple?!?

Postcard. Right there.

And again.

But before you knew it, 20 minutes were up and the pulled their final shape

And roared off into the distance..


Airshow day on the Patch, so the birds in the air are of the fast and noisy variety [and the gulls et al get out of the sky even faster than when Mrs Peregrine starts the day with the talon sharpener...]


Now with added WAAAAAARRGH!!

Yup, there's a Typhoon in town. Well, over it. The pilot did not fly as low over my place as the Arrows did, which is why I still have a roof.. Yeah, serious piece of kit, this; when the loud end was pointed my way, you could feel the ground shake, never mind the windows. And that's all without lighting up the afterburner... :o

Getting a lock with the autofocus was not easy*, frick, getting on it wasn't easy.. I tried, nevertheless, and here we go;

Catching it was hard

Getting it horizontal...

..Yeah, not happening!

Regular laws of aerodynamic flight
need not apply

Note lack of lighter..

..Even when doing its party piece exit

Namely rolling vertical climb, right through the clouds, then a 90° switch to a horizontal cruise - stage left.

What. A. Plane.

And this is before they put in the thrust vectoring [multi-plane] upgrade...

Be Seeing You..

[[*I suspect an ECM capability - camera autofocus is basically the same thing as an optical sight, after all..!]]

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