04 August, 2013

A Windy Showery Weekend. Part 1, More Rain

Hmmm... Warm, breezy, showers forecast, what to do?

I went to Fernworthy.

Finding it quite balmy [22°] out of the wind, I had a look for insects and found a whole heap of butterflies. Mostly the usuals, standout being a superb male [yes, seen that well] Silver-washed Fritillary. Alas, it pulled a Houdini on me [in the middle of a flowery paddock!] when I went for the camera [[only the phone, but still worth a go!]]. A Small Skipper was a little more obliging;

Only slightly obliging, though.

Plenty of Common Hawkers and Keeled Skimmers were on the wing, as you'd expect for t'Moor; the Migrant Hawker I encountered must have taken quite a wrong turn! None of them sat still enough to photo, naturally.

Loads of juvenile birds around, especially tits and phylloscs, with a stripy-headed GC Grebe following a parent about on the reservoir. Singles of Tripit and Redstart were still present, but the bird highlights were beside the water. No, not the honking Canadas, but at least 3 juv. Grey Wags, one or maybe two Common Sands, and best of all... Wood Sand! :)

After getting attacked by yet another Horsefly, I turned away from the water and beat the tracks for a while. It was wonderfully quiet [the only people were walking the foreshore and keeping the poor waders moving.. ] and the trees [away from the waterside massacre] were their usual beautiful selves. There's a wonderful variety of trees hiding away in the valleys and yes I took a shot of a nice one;

Doesn't do it justice.

My enjoyment was, it must be said, not unentirely due to managing to avoid getting rained on by the vigourous showers which dropped by now and again - entirely due to jammy timing, it must be said.

Annnd finally; Swifts still around, with 74+ in the evening.

Coming in my next post, what I did today!
[[I'll give you a clue; It were Great! :D ]]

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