08 August, 2013

Ok, Now Summer's Over.

Despite what the frickin' weather may think..

The Swifts left on Tuesday. Goodbye, farewell, au revoir, auf wedersehen, and so on..

In other news, yesterday as I got home from work, 300-350 Herring Gulls [they just wouldn't all stay put enough to get a better count] munching flying ants. Also, my Mum, while walking la petite horreur, met a Southern Hawker - which would be a Patch Tick for me.. ::Gripped!:: Annnd, this afternoon as I was leaving work I met a shiny new second brood female Holly Blue - with all the black, oh yes - looking as pretty as you'd expect. Very nice.

In other other news... It's not new news, but certainly important enough to keep going on about it;

Ye Gods and Little Fishes, what a year for super-sexy seabirds!

One Glorious Day.......

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