01 August, 2013

Yes, Yes, I Am Very Wrong..

Summer definitely not over, with one hell of a temperature jump this afternoon... ouch.

[Disagree? Try working in a metal box in a metal box full of ovens....]

On a high note [very high indeed, some of them] a new record Swift count! 134!!!!!!

Also at least 5 House Martins and a Swallow! [[They mobbed a censored, right after I got in from work, which was considerate timing :) ]] Flying ants have their uses.

Annnd finally; I'm not going to keep this up [the daily 'Swifts still here' posts, or the moaning about what's going on out west*], worry not.

[[*Fea's Petrels....Wilson's Petrels.....Bulwer's Petrels.....thousands of big shears... oh my]]

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