31 August, 2013

More With A Whimper

So that's Summer, then.

The last few days of August have seen me rather preoccupied with Things, and so mostly glued to this here computer screen or otherwise being busy.

When I've been out it's been all about the Patch, but I've not a huge amount to show for it. I did finally catch up with a Southern Hawker - after my Mum gripped me off [Tut] - although to be more accurate it found me! I was going to the Nose [to have another look for a chrrek!ing thing] when it came cruising along Ilsham Road at head height, hovered in front of me for a second, then went on past! Patch Tick. :D

[The chrrek!ing thing - which had been calling from low down inside a bush that morning, before vanishing - hadn't come back, naturally]

Other than that one interesting-sounding skulker, there have been a few of the usual warblers and bugger all else! I'd been hoping for a nice Wryneck, but... Ha, yeah. While stood around hoping to hear the Chrrek!ing Thing, I did see a little passage on the sea; a nice group of 3 Balearics went by close south, 2 Little Egrets went even closer north, further out a party of at least 3 Manxies went north, too, and a group of 8 Gannets hung around, about a klick or so out.

I did see a couple of nice butterflies. A gorgeous Clouded Yellow teased me mercilessly, it just wouldn't be photo'd, while a smart Small Copper was more obliging and even found a friend;

Small Copper, Hope's Nose

Small Copper and [very worn] Holly Blue

Finally, the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight came right over this afternoon, on their way to Dartmouth... I love Lancasters! :D

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