26 August, 2013

Now That's A Big Surprise!

Yesterday, on Patch I failed miserably to find anything more noteworthy than a single Jersey Tiger.

At least bird and insect-wise.

While I was again dipping Chalkhill Blues, I was overflown by something amazing, something wonderful, something like this;

That's with no mag - oh, she was low....

Through the bins, after she'd turned to make her approach to the Dawlish Air Show

A VULCAN. A real amazing wonderful glorious incredible beautiful VULCAN.....


A bit later, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight showed up too, but they'd been totally upstaged.

Today, the Folks and I went for a good long yomp on't Moor. We got to Cranmere from Belstone [despite the best efforts of hiding paths, deadly tussocks, and juvenile delinquent livestock!] - which is the sunny side of 20km. The early sun turned to overcast and the northerly wind blew, but to me at least that just made it near ideal for walking. A couple of Common Hawkers, a Black Darter, and an Azure Damsel [they do get everywhere!] defied the weather to show for us, as did legions of juvie Mipits, and the odd other bit and piece. No Wheatears, sadly. It was a good day, especially the two amazing times when Our Little Whisthound walked right past sheep without even a peep! [The other five hundred times, though...]

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