03 April, 2015

Cheers Mike!

Thanks to The Artist's timely posting, I was able to twitch the Garganey that had taken that left at Albuquerque shown up at Stover.

In defiance of all logic and established Gargatic behaviour, it was not only there, but showing like a porn star. So much so, that there was the odd musing of the 'e' word. However, this was 'showing like a porn star for a Garganey', so keeping at least 30' from the assembled masses and eyeing us carefully when it got that close. Also, when the duckies were fed, it showed no interest whatsoever.

I reckon it's just a young bird that's landed on the first likely-looking lake and didn't realise its mistake. So he's alternating stuffing his bill with tootling up and down in the hope some foxy Garg-lady will notice him. Poor boy.

Not that my phone was able to demonstrate this adequately, as there was clearly just enough darkness to make it freak out and fail to focus...

As you can see, the flanks really stood out 
- even better than the superdupercilium

I don't know what happened here.
The scope was in focus, nice close range,
it wasn't swimming that fast...

Btw, note the posture - raised crown feathers and wings, with lowered tail.

Also, a pair of insanely confiding Mandarin, plus another male and two more fly-overs. A really hefty-looking LBB with almost no white in the primaries and a dark mantle shade [presumably an intermedius of some type] dropped in to bathe but scarpered before I could even consider how to get position for a decent picture. Annnnd there were Siskin and Bullfinches on the feeder.

Not bad.

BUT not one hirundine of any flavour. Tut.

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