15 April, 2015

Yes, It's A Catch-up Post

I've been trying to remember the last time I heard a Gropper reeling.

It's been a surprisingly long time; I'm pretty sure I've heard Savi's more recently! I remember the where - I think - this being the somewhat unlikely setting of a large Gorse bush on't Moor. In the early afternoon. It was overcast, but a reeling Gropper was still not expected.

Anyways, with assorted Groppers seemingly turning up and reeling all over the shop, you may be expecting me to tell of one of my own? Perhaps on the extra-foggy morning I stopped off at the Nose [yes, again, I am a masochist]? Well.. No. I did see one, though, which is almost as good. [Yes, I have seen more Groppers than heard - go figure]

I did hear my first Gropper. This was at South Milton Ley [many years ago], and I heard it reeling in the big bush by the bridge. Couldn't see it, but then it stopped reeling and moved and then I did see it. Then it started up again from its new position [on the other side of the bush!].

Ok, all that aside...

Tuesday morning, and fog so thick I couldn't see the lower ridge on the South Side, let alone the sea. Or that there were clear skies above said fog. But this worked out well as a scattering of warblers included said Gropper, which flew between the same bushes the Redstart did three days earlier [I like those bushes!].


Saturday and a small fall at the Nose was highlighted by a male Redstart [plus a few other bits and pieces, including Whitethroat Number One]. A cracking Sarnie gave me a nice close flypast, too. It was by no means spectacular - migrant numbers seem to be down this year, though there have been some nice quality birds among them - but perhaps the best morning I've had there so far.

Sunday afternoon saw me back at the Nose for Wheatears [and maybe another tern or something, even a passing raptor?]. I ran into PD and he told me of two by Sandy Point, so I toddled down, and [after a family had moved past] they duly showed up. Great! Then there were three! Then four! Two more males arrived as I watched [at 1709 and 1712]. Here's one of them;

Spot The Wheatear.
[Yes, he is quite buffy underneath]

Right.. What else was there? Oh yes, Spring-y pictures!

Bloomin' Lovely...

Annnd, my first non-micro moth attracted to the porch light;

Moth sp.

Don't worry, I'm not going to make a habit of posting awful moff shots.

Though the Yearlist is ticking along nicely [I'm into May], I keep missing the scarce vagrants I really need for a big total. Why do the bastards keep showing up midweek [and while I'm on Days..] and not hanging around? It's positively rude.

I ought to write a letter to the Times.


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