24 April, 2015


Patience. For birds are unpredictable and tend to fly off.

Persistence. For when your patience runs out.

A really big scope. For when the bladdy thing shows up half a mile away.

The last helps turn a brown blob into.. A bigger brown blob. [Ahem.]

Here you go;

Indeed a very dark SEO

While I was waiting for it to materialise, I had a look about the place. A cloud of mixed hirundines were hard work to check thoroughly for Red-rumped interlopers - needless to say, none were found. A s/pl Barwit was nice, but I couldn't help but look at the assorted manky gulls on the river..


But enough of that. Earlier I'd been to Dawlish Warren for terns and the Nose for.. Well, not as much as I'd hoped when I'd seen how good it looked and so got there before work. There was a nice singing Garden Warbler, and a flyover Yellow Wag, so definitely not wasted time. But only a minor fall of Blackcaps gave anything like numbers. And those were single digits.

Finally.. Yet more thanks and kudos to Bun; without whom there would be no awful excuse for an owl pic.

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