06 April, 2015

Get In!

I really don't have time, but I have to post today.

It was supposed to be a nice lazy day of laundry and chocolate, [after the clear morning put the kaibosh on an early visit to the Nose] catching up on things left undone [and indeed uneaten - a terrible crime!] and generally lazing after a long but lovely day on't Moor yesterday*.

However, not one but two passing visitors interrupted the [relative] peace and quiet. The second going past so close and low that I was forced to interrupt my sock-sorting to do a very silly dance in full view of any poor innocent passers-by.

Who knew Ospreys were like buses?


29th April, now.

[[*Did Fur Tor with the Folks. The sun shone [mostly], there was a Swallow at Bellever - seeing them there is something of a family tradition - and it was good.]]

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