21 April, 2015

You Know It's Monday When...

You get in from a merry working day to find that miraculously you have another chance at SEO at the Backwater, burn over, and despite there being many people getting all sorts of pictures, see absolutely nothing.

Before I get going, thanks in great profusion to Bun for gen above and beyond the call of duty - cheers mate!

Right. This owl. Sat in the open all day, viewable from the Farm Gate. Great, right? Easy. [Once you know where to look].

Except birds do tend to move, and it seems that by the time I got past the traffic, it was in fact sitting on a post at Black Hole, getting dive-bombed by a Kestrel.

I saw nothing of this. Not even the Kestrel and I was up there 'til dark.

I did see a cracking male Whinchat - hanging around the area of posts and fencing more or less opposite Colyford Common - and the redhead Goosander. Not the yeartick I was hoping for. [Though still gorgeous].

Oh, and not a single one of the myriad of Red Kites, either. Though to make up for it, there were about 10,000,000 midgies all keen to keep me company...

Birding, eh?

The day before was much better, with things like this;

Pied Fly going old school
[phonescope in x-ray mode]

I like Yarner.

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