15 May, 2016

A Quick News Update Post

Because I've yet another trip report pending and I can't be sure when it'll arrive, here's a summary of the Backward News Headlines;

  • Annoyingly quiet on a Patch lacking sexy migrants.
  • The Dalmatian Pelican is AWESOME. Go see it.
  • GWEs do not like floating fishermen. Whimbrel don't seem so bothered.
  • There are lots of Buzzards in Penwith - where are these supposed hordes of kites [assorted]???
  • Cornwall has some very nice circles.
  • Nightjars at 2115 and frisky with it.

Finally, the 'human interest piece';
As you may have surmised, I got back rather late. So late that when I turned the box on, I saw the eurovision result.. Now, I'm really not a fan, but I have to say I was delighted. :)

[[BTW, I have no idea where the flowers came from, but they won't go away...]]

Be Seeing You..

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