02 May, 2016

News From The Nose

Yesterday can be summed up very quickly; a few Manxies and Gannets at sea, and the land was made of Chiffchaffs. Loads of them.

Today there was more variety and quality [sorry Chiffs].

Before the front arrived there were a whole heap of Blackcaps - mostly in that determined 'feed and filter' of grounded migrants but a few in subsong - a steady movement of Swallows, and a few gems. My second Sedge Warbler of the year - in proper subsong not mimiccing like a git this time - and my second ever Pied Flycatcher! Woo and Hoo. Also at least 2 Wheatears arrived while I was there.

I'd lugged the Big Scope down and made a proper count of the Ore Stone Guillemots; 405. With birds clearly away fishing, and birds on the cliffs in places I've not seen them for years, I reckon the colony is in very good shape. :D

I also gave the sea a go before the front arrived, scoring 48 Manxies and an Arctic Skua in an hour. Also 36 Gannets, a handful of Kitts and Fulmars, and 25 Swallows in/off.

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