19 May, 2016

That Big Day Out

Cast your minds back through the mists of time to those halcyon days when it was the Pelican flying around and Lammergeier was a fiendish crossword solution....

So, a great big 'orrible Dalmatian Pelican was flying around the west end of cornywall like something out of a Ghibli film..
After natural caution [and no small amount of research] I decided that the 'french park' theory was highly likely to be merde and that this was as kosher as you could get bar a satellite track.

And I hadn't been that way for an age.

So, down I toddled, all casual as it seemed to be following a nice pattern of flying around between 10 and 11. Roadworks and the usual fools made the trip interesting, but I got to the spot [not concreted and past Polgigga as well as Trethewey, but never mind] with plenty of time to spare.

Only to find out it 'was here 10 minutes ago'.

Oh dear.

The temptation to head up Carn Brea and sit there with the Big Scope was resisted and the bird duly appeared after it had decided enough people had given up.

What pictures follow suck even more than usual because I was far too busy going WOOOOOOOOOOW and making bad sketches to try more than a token effort at them.

But here you go anyway..

Look! Up in the sky!

The monster blacked out the sun...

Before heading off to terrorise the local fishing ponds

Amazing amazing bird... Interesting parallel with my last post, because it was noticable that it flew very much like a Griffon Vulture [also seen in Spain back in the day - insanely well... :D ]

Eventually, the DP got bored with showing off and headed out of sight. I decided to relocate somewhere I could have a bite and get out of the wind.. Drift.

Being a member of CBWPS has its perks, and access to Drift is one. I found the hide empty of birders and the res empty of the GWE that had been there the day before. It was full of floating fishermen in little rubber ring-come-carp chairs, though...
I suspect the two may be related.

There were a few Whimbrel foraging in one of the goose paddocks;

Three of ten

and someone [who was in and out of the hide so fast I couldn't even turn] flushed a Com Sand, which flew by calling, but mostly it was pretty quiet. A nice hefty LBB dropped in for a bath, the Pelican cruised by, you know...

Fancying a change of scenery and resisting the siren call of the sea, I picked a circle at random.

After a small detour for some more skywatching, I found myself here;


One stone is a huge block of quartz.

The leaning stone is very carefully placed.

A truly wonderful circle in its own little world. The rest of the afternoon just wandered by...

Finally heading homewards, I realised that it was late enough for a small detour and stopped off at my favourite Nightjar site. It was just after nine, clear and with that cold wind, so I wasn't tooo hopeful, but what the what, eh?

2115. Blimmin' Nightjar starts up from the tree right next to me. I was in a slightly more sheltered bit than usual - at least from this wind - and maybe that helped. Or maybe going early in the season is just a good idea. Whichever, at least 3 churring males, including one which gave a wonderful display of, well, display at the early time of 2123. [There were still daylight birds around]

Now if only that dear Great Winged Terror would rematerialise somewhere I can get to it...

[[What? I can dream!]]

Be Seeing You..

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