09 May, 2016

Very Little

To report over the last couple of days.

Sunday's highlight was a small group of hirundines over early PM - including first Patch House Martins of the year.. Wow.

I did get down to the Nose for another go at evening passage, but despite some promising-looking conditions, all that went by were 17 Gannets, 3 Kitts, and a Razorbill.

Oh well.

Today it has been dank and overcast, switching to rain. With a side of rain. And a variation of more rain.

Woo hoo.

I'd got my big scope set up for the Transit of Mercury - having done a trial on Friday - so the weather is not unexpected.


Here's said trial;

The Sun on the back of an envelope..

One small + shaped sunspot was visible near the bottom, but didn't come out in this pic.

Oh well.

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