24 May, 2016

With Great Vexation...

...and furious grippedness.

Did I read of what that bladdy [CENSOREDCENSOREDCENSORED] bird did yesterday.


So, Sunday. I had things to do, and only managed a quick look at the Harbour late PM.

The Artist's Common Dolphins* were waaaaaay off to the south [until a speedboat came along, anyway..]. A few Gannets - who helped me find the dolphins - were about over the calm seas, but the only birds of real interest were much closer.

The Real Living Coast

Stonking summer duds - like a mini Stiltie!

Not just a couple of Purple Sands [though those shots are the same bird], either;


Two Turnstones, one much more summery than t'other, were also present on the RLC, along with a very vocal Rockit.

The waders were - as you can probably tell - very mobile and actively feeding, clearly just stopping by on their way to pastures north.

Closer to Home, the feeders continue to be hit at a staggering rate - you'de think it was deep winter or something - so I've tried adding soaked worms to see if that helps, but while some are being snarfed by a Blackbird [Blackbird in my ickle garden!], most seem to be being taken by the local Magpies..

Still, I suppose every time they hoover up my mealworms, they're leaving some nest alone..?

Be Seeing You..

[[*Ok, 'dolphin sp., almost certainly the Common Dolphins The Artist had seen from Brixham'...]]

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