22 August, 2016

Far Out, Man

Three days, three watches, three scores.

Friday in the morning, starting as early as possible [breakfast went with me].
Saturday in the early afternoon.
Sunday in the late afternoon.

Not exactly round the clock coverage, but it's the getting there for the key moments that is the important bit. [And sometimes that even comes off..]

So, where to start?

Pictures three, I think. A comparison;




Things went.. better than expected. Much better, though as the title says, the good stuff was mostly well out, and often not hanging around at all. Though not always, as Sunday showed.

All three days were interesting in different ways, and all with their little challenges.

Friday's was most obvious; a rapid switch to a blasting SE with bands of hard rain and near constant sideways drizzle - the kind that doesn't seem like much but will in fact soak you to the bone in very few minutes if you don't brolly up - that made things difficult. Moving to the TSWS wasn't really on the cards due to it being occupied, and so the squirrely wind would mean I'd have been almost as exposed whilst being hit by gusts from multiple directions. Ok, no getting sprayed with 'sea' water [as the chummer did eventually turn on], which would have been better in the long term, but I was determined to beast it out. And I did. So nyerr.

Saturday was quite sunny. Though the wind was blowing very well, and nicely off shore, so I got some shelter. Just no big squalls actually hitting, and thus birds well out and hiding behind waves for the most part.

Sunday saw the inconvenient timing of a weak but profitable warm front - bad light stopped play right after it finally cleared!

I have a variety of piccytures, indeed several posts worth [[mua-ha-ha-ha-ha]], so I'll just add a little colour;

Friday's gull is.. 'orrible

Well, they like it anyway..

Name that bird??

Itsa Sarnie!
[Ok, there are two here]

Never mind 'name that bird',
'where's that bird?!?'

"Did somebody say 'sandwiches'??"

Right, time for the birds.

Ok, more properly; time for more birds.

But not yet. :p

Well, I've gone through so much space already, and time is getting on. Also, I want to do some comparative number-crunching concerning relative rates of passage.

So, a more listy post will be coming soon.

Then another one with all manner of 'orrid pictures. Beware, for there be ickle tiny flowers ahead. And some wonderful load structures! Yes, it's going to get botanical and geological. >:D

The Earth is doomed.

Be Seeing You..

[[Bonus points for the photobombers!]]
[['That bird' is about to vanish behind the Ore Stone and is actually a Balearic Shearwater. Really. Honest. I kid ye not. You can see its dark underside {wind blowing away from camera, so underside on view} if you look carefully.]]

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