25 August, 2016

Who Needs Hordes Of Lovely Migrants?

This is what you say when you have one of those job things, while everyone else is playing with vast flocks of Yellow Wags, Tripits, Flies and so on..

[Ok, so I did find a SpotFly at the Nose at the weekend, but it didn't strike any poses for me..]

When I'm working, the only birds I get a good look at are the ones that come to me. Fortunately, they're quite cute [ok, apart from the pigs..];

I'm Here Because I'm Beautiful

..And To Stuff My Face

More cuteness;

Juvie Greenfinch

Less pretty, but still interesting, look up!

How's this for a moult shot?

Classic juvie Herring

Green locusts..

There were 10 assorted Greenfinches on my balcony when I took that last one.

Unshot was a gorgeous Goldfinch on Tuesday, which dodged infamey due to being flushed by a BFW..
Coal Tit[s] still very regular. I only ever see one, well spaced, but it is taking so much seed that I can't help wondering if there are really a whole load of them.. [I know they cache food, but a) its August, and b) this amount is ridiculous..!] LTTs are about quite often, but I've not caught them actually on the balcony, though they could be taking insects off the trees [which are around the corner, so to speak]

I have another post still to come, this time about the non-seawatching / bush-bashing bits of the Nose. There will be pictures of plants, animal, and [of course] rocks! ::Evil grin::

Yeah, start hoping for something nice and twitchable...

Be Seeing You..

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