13 August, 2016

The Dark Tower

I often liken Great Mis Tor to the Barad-dÛr *. It has a knack of finding a shadow to brood under on the sunniest day, stands alone and towering over the surrounding area, always takes a toll to get to, and is just so... BIG.

I mean, this tor has more than a dozen tor-worthy outcrops studding its peak; its as if they've been collected there by some absent-minded builder who never got around to puting them on other hilltops..

Here be piccies;

Three of the outcrops

And another three

The views from are quite something;

Looking towards the Ryder's massif and North Hessary

Great Staple, Roos, and Cox Tors

Over the upper Walkham to the western wall tors, 
Great Links, Amicombe Hill, The Wilhay, Great Nodden, Fur Tor...

Fur Tor herself

Nice view of Brunel's handiwork

Looking Back..
Conies' Down Tor, behind it
Devil's Tor and the Beardown Man 
[left of outcrop, below skyline]

There were also a few birds about, mostly mobile Mipits, but also a few of these;

There are at least 5 in this shot.
No, really.

How about a closer one?


And up above;

"I'm NOT saying it!"

Between there and here, a stealth hut circle;

Stands out better irl

Pictures standing in for words again..

There's not an awful lot to say; I wandered up to the tor, sat on my behind for a long while enjoying the view [and being out of the wind!], ambled about the place a bit, then wandered back down again.

The journey took 50% longer than it should due to brainless grockles - especially the ones with far more money than sense who tried taking an insanely large caravan** along the Holne road.. - but its August, so what can you do?

Maybe don't answer that.


Closer to home, a bevy of Greeeenfinches - including 4 fresh 2nd brood juvs! - descended upon my poor benighted feeders [and the poor benighted Coal Tit!];

Count the Greenfinches;
One, two, three, four..

Coal Tit; "Will you please hurry up?"

Unexpected decoration!
[Or; 'Why cleaning up too much is no fun!"]

Ok, that'll do.

Oh yeah, today.

Not much to report. Only interesting thing being a large posse of assorted tits and things, heard mostly, along my route back from a bird ration run.

Be Seeing You..

[[*If anyone knows how to get proper accents, I would appreciate it...]]
[[**It was a huge box of a thing, almost a cube, so wide that they had to extend the extra wing mirrors to their widest and that was on a Range Rover...]]

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