10 August, 2016

The Late Add-on

Or, I went back to the Nose in the evening - after most of the bods had left - and saw... Well, have a look.

I did try surface to air photography again, with.. not great results. I thought I'd worked out how to trick the autofocus into locking on, but it seems it's more intelligent than I thought..

Pretty scenery

Ok, time for those horrid larids.. [run, run while you can.....]. It was what they call a learning exercise.

Gulls on the Lead Stone
aka Distant Gull ID Test 4
[don't blow this up..]

Lesson 1; 400m is too far to get gulls.

ID Test 3
Gulls on the sea

Lesson 2; 200m isn't much better...

Flying gull ID test 17

ID test 31

And to compare,
from earlier in the day

Lesson 4; Flying gulls rarely stay still enough to get an autofocus lock on them.

Nothing spectacular onshore, with a few finches and warblers still knocking about - still no indication of whether these are local or passing birds [they weren't very forthcoming on the subject when asked, typical comment being 'hu-eet!'...]. A few Manxies were going north, and a scattering of Gannets loitered around the Bay. No terns.

Still, it was a lovely evening to be out.

Be Seeing You..

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