28 August, 2016


I don't know what it is, but this time of year seems to be the most spanner-friendly. Current one in the works has put my li'l car out of action for the whole weekend [I love the way it's only the things you really need that still stop dead at the most inconvenient times, don't you?].
This also came right after I'd been up to Bowling Green, and right before I found out that said visit had ended 5 minutes before an Osprey showed up.. Deeeerat.

But Bowling Green was nice, if a little busy, and the Spoonbill even had a fly around for me;


A couple of Curlew Sand and Spotshank hid amongst the roosting waders, while a Wood Sand was much showier. It was briefly joined by no less than 6 Yellow Wags [all in view at once];

Yellow Wag, Wood Sand

This male was rather interesting-looking, 
so naturally the autofocus failed...

A Stock Dove also came in, but got Woodpigged;

At least I got a comparison

Here's a wider view;

Anyways, since then, I've been stuck on foot about the Patch. Which hasn't been all bad, as I've amused myself by taking shots of manky Herring Gulls [you may quake...] and more things besides..

The gulls I'm saving for my '10,000 gulls of no rarity' special [mua-ha-ha-ha-ha], but a couple of other things will be going in that other post I'm preparing.

Birds have been not inspiring, though a lovely juvie Whitethroat at the Nose this morning got my hopes up, dreary dullness splatted them back down. Then I saw the bank holiday crowd and their general tidiness and respect for the environment and their fellow humans... Ah, you know this all already.

Here's something pretty from Home;


And finally, something for your amusement. Yes, after too long a break, its 'What Bird Is This??';

Answers on a postcard

But he's still not done!

Two odonata on Patch today! Southern Hawker [female] at the Nose and Golden-ringed Dragonfly [female] about 200m thattaway ::points::

Be Seeing You..

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