24 June, 2018

So, What Have You Been Up To?

My traditional* MidSummer week off comes to an end, with a notable paucity of posting therein. I'd like to blame all this sunny and humid weather, and to be fair it has played its part; there's nothing like hot sunny days to make me pour a G&T and not start blogging... ;)

[This is probably a better state of affairs than me starting drinking and then starting blogging..]**

But the fun is over and the inferno awaits, so I will need to recover, while still being able to get up at ohhhnoooooooo o'clock in the morning. Nothing like sitting inside and paying attention to what I'm doing for that.

Yes, you've guessed it, this is another putting-off-posting post.

But I do have something to make your dear devoted hearts skip a beat - and no, it's not in horror at a gull - so feast thine visual organs on this here Patch-denizen;

Sings: "Me and my shaaa-dow"

For the non-butterfly aficionados among you, this is a male Large Skipper. They like to strike poses, wings angled and ready, then launch themselves at anything that dares to fly past. Small but viscous. ;)  I've seen them go for teeny flies, and really large butterflies - even a dragonfly once - though I've never seen one go for a bird. Not that I'd be surprised if one did!

The more prescient among you will have correctly concluded that I may have been chasing butterflies, and you'd not be wrong.

Tales of these and other adventures will be forthcoming in the coming week, possibly under an allegedly amusing banner. 

Be Seeing You...

[[*Because I keep doing it.]]
[[**Yes, I am sober when I post. Stop acting like you're shocked.]]
[[Ok, technically I may on some occasions have had a wee dram, but not enough to impare my spelling, so that's ok.]]

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