27 December, 2020

Breaking News. Again.

Shock! Actual fresh news!
Glonk again at Hope's Nose and this time before I left!  :D
1cy and showing wonderfully, annoying the GBBs by the fishing bods. [Slight damage at/bewteen P6/P7 on right wing?] Best views I've ever had, though always in flight. Still there looking back from the road as I left.  :) 
[PS, The Iceland was still at Brixham - lurking on the fish market roof - first thing on the 25th. :) ]
Photos will be along when I have time, but as I've got back and seen the news that That Bird is still over at Bude, it's time to make like the Roadrunner..... 

Beep! Beep!




Despite getting very hailed on [though not at all muddy, as I walked down the very tarmaced tow path!], I got wonderful views of the Sociable Plover at Bude. Woooo and Hoooo. At and frickin' Last.

Not wonderful photos, as a combination of the bird's talent at landing in the wrong place, a bunch of psychotic Lapwings' fondness for trying to kill it when it did land right next to the assembled twitch [it was so close...], waving reeds, and the intransigence of my autofocus meant while I do have pics, well they're usual standard.

My Glaucous ones aren't bad, though. [Just don't look at SM's...]. Speaking of, it's great that so many of the Locals got to have a look at it. :)


[Said Pictures will arrive. Honest.]

Be Seeing You...

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