29 December, 2020

White Wings And Wanderings. Pt. 1; Ho Ho zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Oh it's Christmas Day, what is a birder to do? Get up early and go birding while the rest of the world is either catatonic or buried under sugar-frenzied kids, that's what! 

[I ought to note I was expected and did indeed get to see the Family mi- er, late morning, and spent the rest of the Day with them. So I'm not [that] bad, really.]
I decided to zip down to Brixham and see if anything was feeling showy. I took a flask as despite all the sunshine it was a bit nippy, and wound up stood up on the fish quay viewpoint, looking at a 1cy Iceland Gull, which had wickedly hidden from all but the most determined on an offshore slope of the fish market roof.. [ooh the rotter];
Iceland Gull
Dark [mostly] bill and dark eye confirm a [well weathered] 1cy.
Highly active
This was the standard pose

I was a little surprised to only find 10 Turnstones around the Inner Harbour, but I suppose it was the 25th, so they were likely all off after cake! 
As I'm on a photo quota these days, I'll not put anything else up [mutter mutter], so you can add imagined versions of awful long-range shots of the usual things you'd expect me to shoot...
A short trip but a nice one, and I think my first successful Iceland twitch since Coronation Corner, many many years past..!!  [Also only my third successful gull twitch at Brixham... Don't arsk about Kumlien's Gulls...... {or Mrs. Cake}]
Be Seeing You...

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