30 December, 2020

White Wings And Wanderings. Pt. 3; An Icy Dish

After the Glory of the Glonk, I went happily home via the shops and switched on the computermabob with a cuppa brew to put up my news post [that one down there with no pictures] to alert All and Sundry to the Good News.



Needless to say, leaning that That Cursed Bird had actually stuck and was showing Right Then made me go Looney Tunes; assemble kit, make lunch, pack above, don'tforgettoshutthewindows!, and byeeeeeeeeeeee

It took a lot less time than I expected to get to Bude [Due to nice roads. Apart from the wheel-ripping potholes..!], where ensued a not that stressful hike down the canal to eventually find a semi-flooded field with assorted birds in. 
Oh, there it is. 
Ooooh, it's flying.

Sabine's Plover

Sociable Plover
In standard pose.

Yes, wonderful pictures, but getting anything at all was a major victory.
Once it had stopped raining- And then stopped hailing- 

Once the Sun came out, it was quite nice. Very pretty bird. Don't know why the Lapwings were so mean to it, though...

Views through a scope - which doesn't rely on a sadistic autofocus and doesn't need to be held up at arm's length to work - were so far better than these that it would be quite funny if it wasn't so frustrating.. [[Thus my utter vexation when, after one takeoff, the bird decided to land right next to us, so to speak [maybe 70m, tops], in clear reed-free view. It was there for about three seconds before a Lapwing attacked it and drove it away... Arg.]]

This is about binocular view.
Spot the Sociable.

Speaking of those flying kazoos...  I counted 281 Lapwings in one flock photo [I'm considering posting it and holding a proper 'Spot the Sociable' quiz...] and they were quite a sight as they wheeled overhead. 

Despite the icy wind, frequent hard rain and hail attacks, and my scope getting caught by the wind and somersaulting over a barbed wire fence - I had both hands on the camera at the time, of course.... - it was actually quite enjoyable.
The revenge helped, of course, as did sharing a cracking bird with friends old and new, not to mention assorted interested passers-by :)
Just to add to the festive spirit, it sleeted on the way home.
 What. A. Day.


Be Seeing You...

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