20 December, 2020

Patching Over The Holes. Pt. 1, Another Scwewy Duck

After spending far too much time utterly failing to add to my Life list, which it seems I am now doomed on for the near future at least, what with all the Other Stuff, I have turned my attention back to the poor neglected Patch.

Other people have been looking at a Long-tailed Duck, which has been hanging around the Nose all month, so it was just Wrong for me not to at least try to get an awful blob of it. Especially as it seems that nobody's gotten even that on it so far. 
[Shocking... I know, where's SM?? ;) ]
Still having Things to do, now and again, I didn't get to said Nose early enough for my liking either day this weekend, but get there I did, and said duck was about, diving for [one assumes] Mussels by the Lead Stone and generally being a right little so and so.
Saturday saw more wind and rain, but also a lot more GNDs and Grey Seals, as well as PD and his boys. Sunday was far sunnier, also comparitively lacking in Common Gulls, but gaining in MB - fresh from rounding up a posse and hunting down the rogue Dusky Warbler at Exwick - and after said LTD was driven off by a tourist boat [yes, really], he used his Power to summon her back, and she even came quite close to shore. Until, that is, I went scurrying down with camera in hand, whereupon she sniggeringly swam back out to the Lead Stone.. 

Awful pictures ensue;

Very cute

Long-tailed Duck. Female, w/pl

 You can at least see what we're talking about and 'tis not an auk. ;)
Coming up, a longer post with more stuff about more things, including away from the Nose and yes, the inevitable fungal pictures, too. Also gulls. Heh heh.. 
Said pictures in better focus. Possibly even the ones with gulls, even! Also pictures not in better focus, due to annoying autofocus and me not noticing at the time. But generally better and certainly closer-to.

Anyways, I shall
Be Seeing You...

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