22 December, 2020

Patching Over The Holes. Pt 3, New Year, New Start

The new solar year has dawned with, well, drizzle and rain.
I will be posting 'properly' about the Solstice, but first I wanted to put this up, which I actually found the day before, but what can you do?
Full of gratuitous Violets, 
this blog
The more observant among you may be wondering why this is number three. The answer is that while I have started number two, I have far too many photos to go through [and now I have to be very strict due to goggle's extortion], so it's taking a while. Wanting to post something, and wanting to include said Violet, the answer was to ignore proper numbering. [[Why not just call this number two? Because that would be no fun at all, come on now!]]
And no, that one isn't the solstice seawatch post, which will have even more blobs and gulls! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha....
Be seeing You...
[If you dare]

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