04 November, 2021

Birding Backwards. Pt.2, Two Days, Two Hours.

In which I tell the story of two morning visits to the Nose. [I know, you didn't see 'I went to the Nose' coming, did you? I'll give you a minute to get your breath back....]

[Feeling better? Ok then :) ]

Both days I was there [fairly] early and took the big scope along, giving the sea an hour to see what was about. Both times much more going on out there than around here, but with the wind that wasn't exactly unexpected. Continued Firecrests on both days were the only birds of note.

Hope's Nose's resident Splatter
[Like a bouncer, but uses more force...]

"I won't be having any of that 'rarity' nonsense in here."

Tell me I'm wrong.


Sunday was rather sunny, with all the big showers missing. The wind blew well, though, and was far more southerly than forecast, so I got a bit jostled on The Steps.

I was more organised than on Friday and so got some properly clicked numbers [fewer birds passing helped, it must be said].
Steps 1040-1140
Kittiwake  233
Gannet  35
Razorbill  11
Common Gull  16
GND  1
Bonxie  1
Pom Skua  1
Shearwater spp.  2 [looked very interesting but too far out and up-light to get enough on them... Curses]
Brambling  1 [in/off overhead]

Also 2 Common Gull and 15+ BHG on the slick, 2 Purple Sands mobile around site [due to anglers] and a/the Blackstart flew past me but couldn't relocate after.

Friday had more showers and was closer post-front. Also quite a lot earlier in the day

Mounds 0830-0930

Thousands Kittiwakes at all ranges
High hundreds auks [mostly Razorbills [90%+] at all ranges]
Low hundreds Gannets at all ranges
GND  4 [1 full s/pl]
Puffin  1
Bonxie  1
Med Gull [ad]  1

Female Eider close in, both seen later in Ore Stone channel. 2+ Common Gull and 33+ BHG on slick

I got some photos, of varying awfullness. Yes, you're being inflicted.

Common and Black-headed Gulls

Common Gull
adult w/pl

Mediterranean Gull
adult w/pl

Eider, female
[note even brownish colour and pale bill tip]

w/pl ['white throat with black mark']

s/pl ['black throat with white mark']

How many Oyks can you see?

Be Seeing You...

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