30 November, 2021

One Day's Birding. Pt.1, Looking For That Varied

After losing Saturday to apathy and bakery [what?], Sunday was a day full of this that and the other.

No, no time for multiple commas in that sentence.

Patch first, in the never-ending never-achieved madness futility quest for a proper Mega of my own:
Hope's Nose early on [I can get up sometimes] was busy with anglers and the Running Man, but not so much with birds. The northerly-ish wind and sunshine were an interesting combination, though the sheltered bits were only used by another increase in Blackbird numbers. Other birders had Fieldfares, but they'd* waited for me to head down, so I missed them :(

A Purple Sand-ish wader on The Lead Stone with a couple of Oyks was probably one, but that was almost the only interest to find. There were also a few scoter off by the oyster farm - and yes you're going to get blobbed as a matter of principle - but before that you can have some nice waxcaps;

Hygrocybe persistens

Fibrous Waxcap

Meadow Waxcap

Ok, here we go...

Count the Spot the Blobs Scoter

Count the blobs Guillemots

Perhaps not as full an examination as I'd have liked, but time was pressing, as I had a very important commitment to fulfil.

Also, cake was involved.

[[Yes, I provided it. Not entirely mercenary, you know!]]

And after that, lunch was... Somewhat further south.

But that's coming up in the next exciting** installment of
Baaaaaaaaaackwaaaaaard Biiiiiiirdiiiiiing!!

[[[No, I have no idea where that came from, either...]]]

Be Seeing You...

[[* The Fieldfares, not the birders, who were Mr and Mrs Peregrine]]
[[** It will get exciting.     Er, a bit more exciting.  If you like bad photos of half-decent birds, anyway.]]

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