07 November, 2021

Birding Backwards. Pt.3, Not Just Fungi...

Another amble about a near-Dartmoor wood - this one with a name I'm sure you don't need prompting to guess - with the Folks on Saturday saw even more fungi located. They proved [ok, my frickin' autofocus proved...] surprisingly tricky targets, so you're getting about half the species I shot, but I doubt you're mourning that. 

Not just fungi, though, as we had company. Up there. In the sky [and the treetops]

Brown Rollrim

Death Cap*
[white form]

Angel of Death
Photos annoyingly burnt out, despite low light levels, or you'd get the differences between the two better. Oh well.

After that fatale trio, let's have something friendlier;

Teeny example of a famously 'edible more than once' species.

Grey-spotted Amanita
[Here clearly edible to slugs!]

Russula turci

Charcoal Burner
[rather munched]

Ochre Brittlegill
[also munched..]

Stump Puffball

To break up the fungi, here's some birds.

Redwing were in evidence all over the site, flying about overhead calling and generally being most distracting! At least 117 [counted streaming overhead at head of Woodcock valley], though no Fieldfares with them that I could see.

Eventually I caught posers;

Good distance, poor angle

Good angle, poor distance

Oh well...

Laccaria purpureobadia
[It's a kind of Deceiver!]

Shaggy Parasol

Soft Puffball

Common Funnel

Fairy Inkcap

Giant Club

Possibly Pholiota astragalina

Ok, I'm cutting this post off at this point [trying to ID all those fungi takes more time than you'd credit] as it's now 2 weeks late and even I have some standards. No, really I do.

So, I shall

Be Seeing You...

[[* If it wasn't so horribly burnt-out, you'd see the lack of the features that would indicate False Deathcap; a far more common sp. and present on site. It actually wasn't that white, looking far more Deathcappy in person, but my camera was in one of its moods...]]

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