23 November, 2021

Looking Down, Listening Up... Again.

After gaining vengeance against Pectoral Sandpipers everywhere, I went for a wander with the Folks about Fernworthy.

In defiance of all reasonable likelihood, the weather was better than forecast and we had a most enjoyable time.  :)

Birds were a little thin on the ground, though audible flyovers were far more frequent. Visible flyovers were resticted to, well, this handsome devil;

Yes, that's a moult centre

And this handsome devil;

Sometimes I really dislike Rushes

A large group of Crossbill were heard a couple of times; enough to generate sleighbells, and Siskin also flew invisibly by. On the reservoir, a handful of LBBs, 2 Tufty and 22 Mallard were all I could see.

And now... :D

Hit the fungi!

[[When I could find them, that is. Large areas barren of fungi, with most of these in only a couple of [harder to reach?] areas. Odd...]]

Dead Man's Finger

Growing out of fallen wood, note texture [it's supposed to be white inside].

Dead Moll's Finger

Much smoother-looking, also growing from a fallen branch. [Looks quite like the 'earthtongue' from Venford Mine?]


Again, smoother, compared to the almost netted appearance of Dead Man's. Also a little flattened.


Slightly brighter [if a little battered].

Very possibly a very
odd-looking Scarlet Waxcap?

Aniseed Funnel

Armillaria ostoyae

Velvet Shank
[bit old]

Ochre Brittlegill

Brick Tufts

Sulphur Tufts

Girdled Webcap
and mass of
Common Jellyspot

Grooved Bonnet

Yellowleg Bonnet

And finally, for some variety, a late-flying resident took a rest on my leg;

Platycheirus scutatus
or thereabouts

Be Seeing You...

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