26 August, 2023

Neither Fog Nor Rain Nor Blazing Sun... Pt.2, Two Birders Vs. The Rain

[That's Friday week, the 18th, by the by]

I'd had the Glory of Cory's [up close and personal, oh yes] in the morning, but got back in the afternoon to find The Teacher on station and 'a few bits and pieces' having passed in the previous hour. 

Oh, it rained a bit, too.

Actually it rained a lot, and the wind got into it, making even my Big Boss Bumbleshoot unusable [at least, if I wanted to see anything].

I got VERY rained on.

But this is seawatching.

Said rain stopped photography [stop cheering]

On my way out in the very late
morning, just for atmosphere.

That's from my first effort. I took no [yes 0] photos in the afternoon despite watching for 3.5 hours.

I do have numbers [what sort of watcher do you take me for? Anyways, clickers aren't worried about water]

Glonk Corner, 3.5 hrs
SE wind, fog and heavy rain bands
[S or S/N]

Balearic                                                     1
Manx                                                        65
Pom Sk                                                      1
Arctic Sk                                                   3
Arctic Tern                                                1
Common Tern                                           2
Sarnie                                                       3/9
Gannet                                                      258
Kittiwake                                                 101
BHG                                                          5

It should be noted that The Teacher had 2 Stormies in the Ore Stone Channel, which I was utterly unable to get on [not a shock, they're little wotsits, especially with a swell to hide behind] and - skuas aside - both of us got stuff the other didn't, so see his twitter if you're curious for a fuller picture.

I was very wet when we ended by mutual consent [out of coffee, birds dried up, though the weather hadn't...], but it was like the old days, and I was much drier than, say, after the Day Of The Sooties* at BH [my boots didn't squelch on the way back up the Slopes, for example]

Would have been nice to get on a Stormie [I'd been musing aloud that a storm petrel was all I really needed to wrap things up in the morning, but lack of rain really precluded them], but hey, that's seawatching.

And I would be back.

Be Seeing You...

[[* This is Back In The Old days, pre-blog, when I went straight from an early shift at the Merry 'Vox to Berry Head, finding some of Devon's Finest {all VERY soggy, sporting slain brollies} and vast numbers of Sooty Shearwaters {with assorted Bonxies vexing them!}. I personally counted 450. It was GLORIOUS, despite getting utterly drenched. Oh, those were the days  :) ]]

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