16 August, 2023

Patchy Weekend. Pt.1, Off Out

Overdue attention to Patch last weekend.
A bit of seawatching - despite my head trying to spoil the party again - and a lot of bashing, with a few bits turning up closer-to [but more of that Next Time].
The weather wasn't ideal, but so many birds being about meant even a late afternoon watch on Saturday [I defied my head and even managed to lug the Big Scope from Home... Get me.] scored a few goodies.

But before [or sort of after, though we're opening with one taken on the way to a seawatch.!] that, here's what's been about, and the Best Things Onshore in the Nose area;

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Another, basking
on IMD

In one of the few spots out of the wind, were at least 2 HBHM, being frequently attacked by Gatekeepers for some reason [which ignored other butterflies, racist buggers]

Keeping to the theme and cutting to Sunday,

In better light

Wait, what's this one up to?


Red Admirals plentiful

Gatekeepers even more

Peacocks less so

Getting back to the seawatching, in 2 hrs from Glonk Corner:

Cory's  [1739-41]                                        1+
Balearic                                                       1
Manx                                                           33
Gannet                                                        80/7
Kittiwake                                                    28/14
Fulmar                                                         5
YLG                                                            1
Med Gull  [juvs]                                          2

Also 10+ Common Dolphin, in from NNE and foraging N of Ore Stone. Cory's picked up apparently foraging in this area, [almost below my view, as passage of Manx distant] briefly lost to sight, then refound heading pretty much due E to Big Shear Line range, before turning S. Probably another then briefly picked up at slightly greater range, but may have been same bird lingering.

Those numbers don't tell the whole story, as it was dead when I started up. I mean nothing for more than ten minutes, then a trickle of Gannets, before my first Manx at just after the half hour. A little flurry included the Balearic, then it died off again for twenty-odd minutes, before another pickup culminating in the Cory's. The Common Dolphins turned up at the start of the second good bit, and that may not be a co-incidence.

Upon arrival.
No seabirds out there!

Also, as I packed up I checked my bag carefully*... and found a stowaway!

Great Dart?

No dark V mark by the head rules out Heart and Dart, the black kidney, circle, and [rather hidden by all the wear] dart marks pretty much rule out anything else [Heart and Club has a club not a dart, and dark mark near head also]. As an immigrant species, south winds and being on the coast means I'm not unreasonable in my ID.

No more moffs, here's more from Sunday,

Little Egret

Common Fleabane

Golden Scalycap

A few Chiffs and Blackcaps in assorted cover were most likely not migrants, which have been thin on the ground [or over it] with the only definites being a couple of Yellow Wags over me while skywatching [cloudwatching...] at work the week before. Assorted small numbers of hirundines and Swifts were most likely locals, though a few double-figure groups of Woodpigs maybe not.

I'm sure this will change, though.

[EDIT: yep, since writing this, The Teacher's started finding migrants at the Nose, though of course he has Help***]

HBHMs aside, Sunday's patrol was largely an exercise in exercise, though others were doing it better [gig race came down from Shaldon Regatta and used Lead Stone as a turning point {wimps, should have used the Ore!! ;) } ].
Here's a little scenery;

The Nose, Lead Stone [just!],
Ore Stone, from Black Head

Of note; assorted rowers, including skulls [on the sea!?!], a wonderfully tasteful yacht, the Toe, the Quarry, the north slope IMD woods, and a bit of a sense of the size of Hope Cove [Brandy Cove is hidden]
I took this from Lovers' Leap on Bishop's Walk, by the way.

Be Seeing You...

[[* Always check your bag after a stop; you never know what's come aboard... From ticks on t'Moor to snails [that sickening CRUNCH.....] to scuttly spiders or amazingly tickly Woodmice**, it's always better to check first than regret later. You know I'm right.]]
[[** Sorry, Woodlice ]]
[[*** ::Ominous Chanting:: ]]

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