28 September, 2023

At The Nose. Pt.1, So Where's All the Good Stuff At?

Saturday - and yes, I'm going in chronological order so you'll have to be patient for the gloating - and I dragged myself out of bed and wandered over to the Nose.
[Perhaps I should have been up before dawn and driving far far away, but I - again lacking any prescience - hadn't checked ANY national bird news. Yes, really.*]

So to the Nose, where it is the time of year to be checking bushes for who knows what beauties that may be lurking therein...


Also a fair few Chiffchaffs. Not exactly a Vireo, but better than a kick up the arse, at least.

Erse, you say?


Two, three


Kudos to The Veteran for that last one, btw.

Wheatear: "Yikes"


Also being all sexy overhead;




Garden Spider

Ivy Bee

Loads around

Sometimes one poses

A bit of seawatching with The Irregulars gave me 2 Balearics and 3 Arctic Skuas, also passing [and much easier to photo] were

36 Canada Geese


Well, there was always next time, right? And with ex- Hurricane Nijel the Destroyer Nigel on the way, who knows what might turn up?


Be Seeing You...

[[* No, really. Don't forget, luddite here. Also I was a bit knackered and a lot distracted.  Yes, I twitch, but I'm not {that} obsessed.**]]
[[** For those less-interested, a handy passing ex-hurricane deposited a variety of ridiculously rare american birds, some of which were even reachable by me {just}, on our shores ]]

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