30 December, 2023

A Very Pretty Present

So I was just finishing up after a 6hr seawatching session at the Nose by counting GNDs and so on in Hope Cove [there were a lot, but Fronts happen, you know], when I got a call from a Certain Teacher, who'd had a call from a Certain MB, who'd learned of a Certain Bird in a Certain Garden.
Said Teacher had asked said Garden's Owner very nicely if his friend could see said Bird, and said Owner very kindly agreed. 
Was I interested?

While I don't think I've ever gone from The Point to IMD so quickly, I should point out no speed limits were broken, and people were even reversed for [which is above and beyond for twitching, I'll have you know], though there may have been some slight relativistic effects occurring...

What's he going on about?

Observe, regardez, and so forth....


First for far far too long, may the next be but a week away ;)

It was getting a bit dark by the time I got there, and I'm sure a Certain Murphy's twitter will be full of far better pictures, so I shall restrict myself to one more;

Wings of Wax

What a bird and so on.

I'm wearing multiple hats to doff.

Be Seeing You...

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