30 December, 2023


A few other things from about the Patch over the festive season,


Adult female having
a go at the coconut half

Very twitchy things, not at all easy to point the camera at [they hear the lens zooming through a closed window and are off..], but sometimes it works.

Birch Milkcap

Hiding amongst the leaves

What grows out of a 
Birch stump

Growing on grass in
several spots at the Nose.
Possibly Nectria peziza

Hmm, what's this?

An Inocybe?

Turkey Tail 
on Blackthorn stump

Blackening Waxcap

I know, more waxcaps, but they're just so pretty...

Heath Waxcaps,
showing variation

Getting back to the top, sort of,

The Dunnock is a ground feeder
and certainly would never even
think to try to use..a..fee-


And yes, that's a perch and use, not a perch and fall off. The Robin's still at the 'take one and go' stage, however.

Be Seeing You...

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